• Victory Lap


    I watched the hours come and go on my bedside clock radio.

    The passage of time is painfully slow when you’re desperately trying to get some sleep.




    An hour passed. Surely an hour has passed! I snuck a glimpse again at the red LED lights…


    Fuck me..

    I had nothing pressing in the morning. No stressors that were keeping my brain active. I simply could not get myself to fall asleep.

    I sometimes go through these periods of insomnia. It seems to be without explanation. But I find it most prevalent at the changing of the seasons.

    And so last night I tossed and turned in the darkness, desperately trying to grab at least a few hours of shut eye before Offspring would be bounding into our room, ready to start the day with an enthusiasm that can only be interpreted as malicious to a parent who has not slept.

    Finally at ten to four I gave up.

    There was more I could do to get to sleep and I knew it.

    I rolled over onto my side and ever so slowly nudged my rear into Mark’s sleeping form. His breathing remained steady. I pressed my backside into him, deliberately pushing my hips into him. A nudge. A push. A squirm. A ‘would you give me attention already?!!?’

    He responded by wrapping his arm around me and snoring into my ear.

    I paused to glare at him in the darkness.

    That was not what I wanted. And he was giving it up whether he knew it or not!

    I carefully rolled over within his embrace and ran my hand down his stomach, reaching for the expanse between his legs. I was blocked.


    Unwilling to go away empty handed, I began planting soft kisses on his neck, his chest, covering his warm skin. And with every peck, came a slight nudge, coaxing him slowly over onto his back. As his head finally hit the pillow his eyes fluttered open.

    Victory dance!

    He looked at me through sleep encrusted eyes, not yet awake. Not yet understanding my intent. I pressed my bare chest into him, and mustered up the most passion filled, ‘I want to fuck you right now’ kiss I could manage.

    He responded.

    Reflexively he wrapped his strong arms around me, his lips moving in time with my own, as I urged his cock to life. I planted myself between his legs, and licked up his now hard shaft. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, tasting that one salty drop of precum that he had excitedly released for me.

    Not wanting to rush things, I teasingly took only the tip into my mouth. I sucked it in and out of my mouth, each time going just a little bit further down his shaft. I felt his hips squirm a bit beneath me and I took his full shaft into my mouth. I heard him moan as I drew the full length of him in and out of my mouth, lightly grazing my teeth on the outside of his shaft each time I pulled his cock from my mouth.

    He was getting worked up quickly. And I loved it.

    I worked him in and out of my mouth, my lips squeezed against the side of his shaft. My tongue swirling as the pace quickened. Until finally his pulse racing, body shaking, he shot his load into the back of my throat.

    And I sucked every bit of it down.

    When I was satisfied he was finished, I wiped the remnants from my mouth and kissed him on the lips. i could still feel his pulse and body shaking beneath me. I smiled, satisfied. The Blow job completed, a sort of victory lap to the events that had taken place earlier in the night, I rolled over into the darkness.

    “Night,” I whispered over my shoulder.

  • Friends with Benefits


    I arrived at work already a little wet. Apparently I was helping Tim cheat, whether I liked it or not.

    Once again the first part of my shift was without Tim’s presence. The perks of being the coordinator.

    The day was dark and looking like it might rain at any moment. And I thought the day before was slow!

    The other bartenders and I spent most of the day chatting each other up. Not many people want to come to an outside event when it looks like they will be rained on for their troubles. We had about an hour left of our shift when Tim finally pulled up, just ahead of the rain.

    He waved us over to the van and we quickly threw the left overs inside. We closed and locked it and then ran for the shelter of the tents.

    “Well, now what?”

    I looked over at John huddled beside me, waiting for the rain to break.

    “Now, I think we get wet,” I said.

    I was incredibly disappointed. I had waited all day to work with Tim and he hadn’t even bothered to show until the day was over.

    “Well, I do owe you a drink,” Tim said looking right at me. “We could head back to my place, it isn’t far.”

    I smiled. Was he inviting just me?

    “…And we do have a good chunk of left over beer…”

    “I could go for a beer.”

    Damn it, John! Why did you have to speak up? I think I was being invited over for sex! Damn!

    Tim smiled at John then looked over at me. “What about you? What did you say?”

    “Alright, sounds good.”

    Tim then paused to give John and two of the other employees directions to his place. They were going to carpool in, but John had to run out to his place first. I wasn’t going to complain.

    Somehow that is still a little fuzzy to me I ended up riding with Tim to his place. We took off out of the tents and made a break for his car. Which of course had to be on the other side of the parking lot. By the time we made it to his car I was drenched. In more ways than one.

    We jumped inside and slammed the doors after us.

    He smiled as he looked me over, “I just keep getting you wet,” he said.

    “Mm… It’s a recurring theme with us.”

    We got to his place only a few minutes later. He wasn’t kidding when he said he didn’t live far. The second we walked in the door he was already trying to negotiate me out of my clothes.

    “You’re soaked!” He said. “I’ll just throw your clothes in the dryer, I’ll get you one of my t shirts in the mean time.”

    I said no probably about a hundred times, but he still disappeared down the hall despite my protests. I found myself in his bathroom just a few minutes later stripping off my very wet clothing and donning his t-shirt.

    Damn was it ever short!

    Good thing I have nice legs!

    I fiddled with the end of the shirt as I looked myself over in the mirror. I was feeling a little anxious, but also a little excited to be in his place, wearing barely anything at all. I knew that at any moment John and the rest of the bartenders could arrive, but maybe after they left for the night I might get a chance to spend some sexy alone time with Tim. Maybe.

    Wearing this shirt would definitely help with that.

    I stepped out from the bathroom and handed Tim my clothes.

    He started to laugh.

    Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for!

    “You know, you’ve got the shirt on backwards!” He said.

    “What? I do … ”

    With that he pulled me toward him so he could see the front of the shirt that was now at my back.

    “Yea, backwards.”


    I bumped into him and for a moment I felt the tension fly between us, our bodies rubbing up against each others. I felt my heart start to beat a little faster as I looked up at him. I wanted so badly to run my hands over his body. To taste his lips. To feel his cock slide inside me…

    I could feel the warmth of his body through the thin material of the shirt.

    I could smell his cologne.


    “Fuck it,” he whispered and he dropped my clothes on the ground.

    He circled one hand behind my head and pulled me into an electric kiss.

    Right then and there I melted into his hands.

    He grabbed hold of both my legs and lifted me up. I obediently wrapped my legs around him so he could walk us over to his bedroom. And then there was the feel of the soft mattress against my back.

    He climbed on top of me, kissing my lips and neck as his hands fumbled underneath my shirt. Hs strong hands groped up and down my skin, sending shivers in their wake. And with every shiver, a wave of wet excitement followed.

    I lost the shirt to the floor.

    His hands worked over me. I wanted him so badly, but the others could be walking through his door at any point.

    He seemed to read my hesitation. “It’s ok, we have time.” He said. “We have time.”

    His mouth covered mine again.

    Stop thinking Becca, just do it!

    With that I began pulling off his clothes in kind. Shirt. Shorts. Underwear. Gone.

    He entered me with just the right amount of force. His strong arms positioned on either side of me as he rocked his body against mine. It wasn’t long before we were both breathing heavy, a sheen of sweat glazed over our bodies as we tossed and turned on the bed. His body tangled with my own.

    I could feel an orgasm building inside me just as he began to moan louder. Yes, fuck…

    He rod hardened a little more inside me, pulsing as it got closer to release. It twitched and pulsed, ready. And with every spasm I got closer as well. Just as I could feel myself about to explode over him, he pulled out and stroked his cum onto my body. Head back, he yelled out and his warm, sticky liquid flooded over my chest.

    We collapsed onto the bed and caught our breath.

    “Shower?” He asked.

    “Quickly,” I replied.

    I wish I could say I remembered everything that came after, but I don’t.

    Just after we got out of the shower there was a knock at the door and our workmates were flooding into Tim’s apartment. There was no time to talk, no time to plan a second round. Nothing. A fuck and then silence. Pretend you’re good. Pretend you didn’t just have hot, sweaty sex in the bedroom.

    We pulled out beers and sat around the table nursing them, telling stories and jokes. And the beers kept coming. I was starting to lose my grasp on sobriety when John and the others went for a smoke break on Tim’s balcony. He took the opportunity.

    He leaned in and kissed me hungrily.

    “We need to do this again,” he whispered. “And again.”

    I smiled.

    “I’m serious. I know you’re married. I’ve got a girlfriend too. Doesn’t matter. This is just sex. And we can have it whenever, wherever you want.”

    That’s all he got out before the others came back in.

    After that my memory fades even more, until I can’t remember a thing.

    Off beer? Really Rebecca?!

    I’m told about how the rest of the night went however.

    I’m told that Timconvinced everyone to have a pants-less party in an effort to keep me from putting my own clothes back on when they were finished in the dryer.

    I’m told at one point we went out on the balcony and me and one of the other girls ended up topless and comparing breasts for the boys.

    I’m told I even decided to taste her perky tits.

    I’m told that as the night progressed I forgot that I was supposed to pretend that Tim and I had not just had sex and so started to kiss him in front of everyone.

    Guess the cat’s out of the bag now!

    And I’m told that during one of the smoke breaks when Tim and I were once again left alone, that I wrestled him to the couch and started to have sex with him, only to get caught when our workmates came back inside.

    I’m told.

    I remember none of this.

    I only remember waking up next to Tim the next morning with a gigantic hang over, but a huge smile on my face.

    I think I just earned my first fuck buddy.

  • How to date a Sexy Bartender


    I used to tend bar as a full time job. Used to. When I was young and carefree and didn’t mind staying up until 4am and sleeping in until noon. Used to but once upon a time I grew up and suddenly getting up at noon was no longer an option. Damn.

    So now I just tend bar on special occasions.

    Like this past weekend. Thanksgiving weekend.

    Now I know the Americans in the crowd are standing up going… thanksgiving, in October? What gives? Isn’t Thanksgiving in November sandwiched by the Super Bowl and Black Friday? Yes. Yours, anyway.

    Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. We’re just crazy like that.

    Anyway this past weekend I found myself out at a County Thanksgiving day celebration tending bar for a very, very slow event. I’ve worked with some of the people on the table with me, so at the very least I had people to talk to.

    There was music in the background, and we had a trickle of customers coming and going every now and again. So our bar was spotless.

    Closer to the end of the night the coordinator of the event showed up and introduced himself to us. His name was Tim. He took my hand and shook it. I smiled warmly and said hello.

    One is smart to butter up he who gives you jobs that bring in cashy money…

    He took his place behind the bar and helped us finish off the night.

    At one point I was standing talking to one of the customers that had come up for a beer. I was flirting a little harder than normal since less customers meant less tips, when I suddenly felt a freezing wet ice cube go down my shirt.

    I squealed and turned around.

    There was Tim with a huge grin across his face. So he wanted to play THAT game, did he?

    I waited for my opportunity, plotting carefully.

    And then finally it showed itself. He had just leaned over, talking to a particularly busty girl. He appeared to be going in for a better look… Excellent.

    I was standing close by. Immediately I bent over and flicked ice and water up at him. It sprayed across his back, soaking him slightly.

    He let out a groan and turned to MY smiling face.

    Point- Becca, Tim- Zero.

    I felt very smug as I went back to my shift.

    The problem was, now that I had upped the ante, that meant that I now had to watch over my shoulder for the retaliation that I knew was coming.

    Boys don’t know when to quit.

    And unfortunately neither do I.

    When I got down to ten minutes left of my shift I thought I may have made it unscathed. That was when Tim called me over to help him load up what was rest of the beer for tomorrow. I walked over a little skeptically, but if I could keep an eye on him, I might just make it through the rest of the night.

    “Hey, we just need to get a count of what is left over. We’ll load it up and then we know how much we’ll need to get to finish off the weekend.”

    I smiled. I had done this before.

    I bent to the task of helping him load the van, keeping him in sight at all times. We were just about finished when I felt it. A tidal wave of water and ice flowing over my back. Tim had been the distraction, the others had lifted one of our giant coolers and poured the entire thing over my back.


    It was freezing!

    I may have squealed like a little girl. But I neither confirm nor deny anything.

    I turned around to face my tormentors. The boys laughed, but we hugged it out.

    Of course when the last customer of the night showed it was me they sent out to serve him.

    “What happened to you?” He said as I walked into view.

    I looked down at my soaking garments.

    “Wet T-shirt contest, I won.” I said back.

    He looked around at my coworkers confused.

    “But… You’re the only one wet!” He said a little incredulously.

    “Winning by default is still winning!”

    And with that we closed shop for the night. It couldn’t have happened fast enough, either. Even my socks were soaked!

    I gathered up my stuff ready to head home when the boys approached me.

    “Hey, so we were thinking of heading out to get a drink,” John said.

    “Yeah, you should come,” Tim chimed in.

    I looked at them, looked at my clothes… “Maybe next time guys,” I said.

    “I’ll hold you to that.”

    I jumped and turned around. Tim was standing behind me. I hadn’t even heard him walk up.

    I smiled. “You do that.”

    “Ok, and tell you what, for being such a good sport, the first drink’s on me.”


    He gave me a hug before they took off, which ended with him grabbing my ass. He winked and walked away.

    I was scheduled for the whole weekend. I secretly hoped that he would be on tomorrow too. Except this time I was absolutely going to get my flirt on.

    And it started with a trip to the thrift store on my way into work…. I had to find something sexier to wear that day if I was going to flirt at maximum potential. I picked out some sexy short shorts and a tank top that showed off my cleavage. Peeerfect.

    I donned my sexy new outfit and headed in to work, there was nothing wrong with a little innocent flirtation, right? Or maybe even a little not-so-innocent flirtation?

    I smiled to myself, I wonder how wet he’ll get me today?

    More on this later…

  • You just can’t make this shit up…


    Real life is stranger than fiction.

    I’m sure you’ve heard that turn of phrase, but I have seen it time and time again played out before me in the people that enter my life.

    They bring all kinds of surprises that leave both Mark and I shaking our heads wondering how some people survive past child birth. Seriously!

    I have a friend that lives in the United States. I met her online about a decade back and we have been … Friends… Ever since. We’ve never met in real life. And I believe that this is for the best. Because should we ever meet in real life and she saw me roll my eyes at pretty much everything she said, I doubt the friendship would last for very long.

    She is a special type. She lives at home. She tends to get in and out of Internet relationships with people. Both men and women. She swears she is in love and talks non stop about moving out to wherever they are and starting a life with them. (Which basically means living off of them.) And then they break up the following month and she is off to the next relationship.

    She does keep me entertained though. For instance, I got an email from her tonight…

    Her: Do you have any money to spare?

    Me: Pardon?

    Her: U read the message right?

    Her: Just wondering if u have any extra money u could spare?

    Her: Forget I asked

    **keep in mind here, she texts my email address… My phone only checks my email every ten minutes or so, so I got all of these messages at once**

    Me: What do you need money for?

    Her: Ur gonna think its stupid.n childish

    Oh ok, in that case forget it. I don’t want to know…

    Me: Ok…

    Her: There is one big thing I haven’t told u in all the years of our friendship.

    Her: Mom wants me to go get a physical and I…know… There r things that a physical can tell u that u wouldn’t want others to know. Ik it seems silly not to

    Her: wanna get one I have my reasons…sighs…One im not. A virgin which wasn’t my fault. Two im..im…um. Preg and I dont want mom to know or find out. S

    Her: he said after I get my new foot id have to go in. But id rather not go through with the physical so im looking for a emergency way to get money so (she can get to her girlfriend.)

    (The messages I get are often disjointed, since her cell phone seems to limit the characters she can send. So I get multiple messages… )

    Her: her friend can come get me right after I get my foot. The sooner the better.

    Ok, wait… You have an Internet girlfriend.. How the fuck are you pregnant?!

    Me: Does (girlfriend) know that you’re pregnant? Who’s baby is it?

    Her: She does yeah. Its my adopted brothers. Been preg ever since he raped me when I was a kid. Nice huh

    Wait… What? You’ve been pregnant since you were a kid? Wtf??!

    Me: You’ve been pregnant since you were a kid? Sorry I just want to make sure I understand you.

    Her: Yup pretty much.i can’t explain it either.im very sorry I never told u U n her r the only 2 that know.

    Wait, so your girlfriend knows and she BELIEVES you??!

    Me: That must be… Incredibly difficult. How do you know you’re pregnant?

    Her: it is believe me. Well I feel kicking fluttering. I honestly didn’t realize it till I think I was about 11 or 12 I figured it out.

    Wait, wait, wait… This is too good… So you believe that you have a live 17 year old BABY in your uterus?!

    Her: U don’t hate me do u?

    You have a teenage baby in your uterus but you’re worried about MY opinion??!! Get thee to Jerry Springer… This baby’s worth millions

    Edit: Just so you understand this friend of mine makes up stories all the time. Most things that come out of her mouth are suspect. I did want to feel a little badly when she first said that her adopted brother raped her, but then, I don’t know whether to believe it either.

    Me: Of course not honey! Nothing could ever make me hate you. You give me too much entertainment to hate you!

    Me: Have you ever thought of inducing?

    Ok, ok I probably shouldn’t encourage her… But I can’t help it!

    Her: I cant then my mom would find out!

    So, you’re keeping your 17 year old baby in your uterus because you’re afraid your mom will find out? How did you keep your legs crossed for that long?!

    Some shit, you just can’t make up…

  • My first real lesbian experience



    Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming!!

    Ok, ok, I may be a little enthusiastic about Halloween. May.

    I love the creepy costumes. I love the parties. I love the trick-or-treaters that stop by my house begging for candy in their adorable disguises. And I love getting dressed up to go adult parties, just Mark and I.

    The above photo is last year’s costume. I kinda threw it together at the last moment. So a naughty school girl it was.

    I’ve decided this year I’d like something a little more…. Adult. Sexy and stunning, but adult. So over the next week I’m going sexy costume shopping. Stay tuned, because I plan to share….

    In the mean time, what you’re actually looking for : the Amanda story continued.

    Her knock on my door came at a quarter to ten. A soft rap as if she was worried she would wake someone up.

    I answered a little anxiously.

    Tonight there was nothing to stop us. We were home, alone. No children to mess things up. No spouses to interfere. No one watching from the shadows. We were 100% alone.

    I had made sure of it.

    “Hey,” I smiled and showed her inside.

    “Hey,” she smiled back. She could already read my anxiety.

    I closed the door behind her. As I turned around she was standing right behind me.

    “Let’s say a proper hello,” she said.

    She leaned in and kissed me. Her lips pressing into mine, her tongue pushing past my lips and drawing circles around my tongue. One hand found my shoulder and she pushed me up against the door.

    I moaned into her lips. My hands roamed over the soft curves of her body. I could already imagine the soft skin beneath the clothes. The naked flesh that would soon be pressed up against my own, sweat slicked and trembling.

    “Come on,” she said after a few minutes. “Let’s go upstairs.”

    My legs shook a little but I managed to mount the stairs.

    We walked into my bed room, dimly lit from the hall and continued our kissing at the foot of the bed.

    “Deja vu,” I joked.

    She smiled.

    “You’re right, we should do something a little different this time.”

    She sat down on the bed right in front of me and looked up at me, expectantly. I didn’t exactly know what she was waiting for. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing.

    “Well, aren’t you going to take your clothes off?” She asked.


    “Well last time, I stripped you… This time I think you should strip for me.”

    And with that she settled in to the pillows at the head of the bed, a whisp of a smile touching the corner of her lips. She motioned with her hand as if to say, ‘go on!’

    “Shall I put on some music for you?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Only if you want to,” she said.

    I ran my hands down my sides and gripped the hem of my shirt and slowly pulled it over my head. I tossed the shirt onto the bed beside her. She smiled appreciatively. I undid the button on my shorts, pulled the pieces apart for show and then provocatively slid them down over my hips and onto the floor. With one quick motion I stepped out of my shorts and kicked them to the side.

    “Now the bra,” she said.

    I reached behind and unclasped it and let it fall to the floor.

    I stood for a second in nothing but my thong, then put both hands on the bed in front of me and began to crawl up the bed beside her.

    I straddled her. Her slim form felt amazing between my legs. I pulled her up a little and kissed her, running my hands through her hair and to the hem of her shirt. I needed to get it off of her. I needed to feel her naked against me.

    I pulled her shirt over her head.

    She still wasn’t wearing a bra.

    My God I loved this woman.

    We moved back into our embrace. My arms circling around her, embracing her naked flesh for the first time. I ran my finger tips up and down her spine. She shuddered a little at my touch. Her skin was so smooth, so soft. I could feel myself growing wetter.

    “You know, you’re not naked,” she whispered after a moment.

    I obediently rolled off of her. My hands gripped my underwear and pulled them slowly over my hips, down my thighs.

    Bathed in the amber light she looked over my naked form.

    “You are so beautiful,” she whispered.

    I smiled up at her. And then pulled her head towards me and kissed her again. She didn’t waste any time. Her hands wandered over my body, cupping my breasts as we kissed. She lightly pinched my left nipple.

    She pulled back, and watched my reaction as she ran her hand down my stomach, past my belly button. Her finger tips traced up and down my thighs, teasingly. She turned to watch as I squirmed under her touch. With one hand she pushed my legs farther apart. And then her hand traced up my right thigh again, toward my pussy.

    One finger ran up my wet slit and ended circling my clit. I squirmed under her touch.

    “Let’s make you come,” she whispered.

    Her finger circled around my clit, in slow, small circles. I was tingling and getting wetter by the second. Her hand began to move faster, with more urgency. My body reacted. I could feel an energy building up inside of me. My heart was pounding faster. I was sweating and shuddering. My entire body was tingling, shooting from my head to my toes until I was coming loudly beside her.

    “Good start,” she smiled when I had calmed down a little.

    Then she plunged her fingers deep inside me. “Let’s go again.” Her fingers pushed in and out of me, building in speed until I felt myself release again, but her fingers didn’t stop as the last gasp of my orgasm died out. She pressed on until I was coming again. And again.


    She sat up, her hands running up and down my thighs as she manoeuvred herself between my legs. Her hair draped over my body as she began to kiss the lower part of my stomach. Fuck she looked so great. She kissed both thighs slowly inching closer and closer…

    She licked up my slick soaked slit, so lightly I felt myself jump a little at her touch. She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled me closer to her, her tongue licking up against me again. She ran her tongue around the rim of my pussy, a tiny moan escaping her lips.

    She pulled tighter on my hips as she delved her tongue deep inside of me. She swirled it around inside of me the way she had circled her tongue around mine. I squirmed and gasped. Fuuuuuuck…

    My body was covered in goose bumps and I could feel myself already warming up to another orgasm. There was a building of energy between my legs. I needed her. I needed this.

    Her tongue licked up my wet slit again, this time stopping on my clit. As she began to run her tongue in tiny quick circles around my clit she inserted her fingers in their place. But instead of drawing her fingers in and out of me in rhythm, she alternated flicking each of her fingers up into my g-spot. As she did her tongue began to move faster.

    My body broke out into goose bumps. I was tingling all over. Pleasure moving through me in waves. My body jerked beneath her, but she easily followed wherever I went.

    I was moaning loudly now, not caring whether it escaped my lips or not. I could feel my body breaking out into a sweat. My heart pounding in my ears as I drew closer and closer to orgasm. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she jammed her hand into me, bashing against my pussy, pushing in and out as hard and fast as she could.

    And suddenly the tension released between my legs, I felt myself coming, exploding into her mouth. I screamed out as I came. My body finally enjoying its release.

    She smiled as she looked up at me.

    “Sounds like you enjoyed it,” she said.

    “Fuck yes,” I replied. “Fuck yes.”

    My heart was still pounding in my ears, I leaned forward and kissed her.

    “My turn?” I whispered.

  • Waiting for sex…


    Dear Ladies and Gents who have been faithfully following my blog waiting, I assume just as anxiously as I, for the first time Amanda and I do it! I have good news.

    The wait is almost over.


    Amanda is headed to my home, RIGHT NOW. I’m giddy. I’m elated. I… possibly had a little too much energy drink, but that is beside the point! The point ladies and gentlemen is that for the first time I get to control the situation. Mark is out. Offspring is at the in laws. The house is clean and empty of all mistresses.

    And in about half an hours time it will be just her and I.

    Her and I cuddled up on my bed, our sweaty bodies pressed against each others.

    Hell, yes.

    Let’s just say I’ve been having the girl version of wet dreams every night since we almost did it. And fuck if that wasn’t a tease. The feel of her tongue caressing the skin around my thighs… Her fingers gently probing inside of me, a little taste of what was yet to come..

    And then it didn’t fucking come!

    I wonder if this is what guys describe as blue balls…

    Mother fucker!

    But finally, we arranged a time for her to come back… Tonight.

    Thank GOD!

    Have wet dreams of me tonight…. And I’ll let you know how it goes….

  • To do list… Sexual hurtles for the wicked.



    I am endlessly entertained by good photography… Especially if said photography also helps to turn me on. And well,… Hello.

    Would I like to lick another woman’s nipple? Why yes, yes I would… And now I’m going to waste an immense amount of time where I should be either working or sleeping, imagining it. Thanks Mr. Photographer.

    It reminds me though that I haven’t been getting my regular dose of kink. Work and life have a way of getting in the way of sex. So I haven’t been able to sit down and record all the dirty for you lovely readers like I want to.

    And since it is 12:42 right now (and I have to be up early to meet a client)… *sigh* I don’t have time to tell you another story. Not tonight anyway.

    Instead I will give you a bit of an update on the Amanda/Kim-Mark/Rebecca love square, triangle, line, thing that we have going on.

    I freaked out Kim. As of today Mark hasn’t heard a thing from her, not by text, not by phone, not by email, not by OkCupid profile. She has gone silent.

    Thank GOD Amanda didn’t run away when she saw me naked too… A girl could get self esteem issues!!

    I don’t really blame Kim. She was hucked into hiding and had to listen to the guy she was doing’s wife go at it with a girl for a little while and when she thought she could no longer put her hands on her ears and rock back and forth any longer… The wife walked in on her, naked.

    After I so stealthily kicked out Amanda, I went to see if Kim was ok and to apologize profusely. If I had known you were there this all would have gone down so differently! I swear!

    So… I guess there’s no threesome with Kim on the horizon? Damn.

    Amanda was also a little weirded out. She bent to lick and pleasure, and the object of her desire ran. Then used her sleeping child as an excuse to kick her out. (And I was talking about MY self esteem issues?)

    She, however, has still been willing to talk to me via text. Thank God!

    At first she was a little hurt but I apologized and apologized and apologized like the proficient little liar I am somehow turning myself into.

    Great, I’m one of those… I lie to get into a girl’s pants.. Fuck!

    Maybe it would have been better to just let her be mad….

    But I didn’t because sometimes when you want something or someone enough you bend all the rules to find a way to attain them. I’m not advocating, just saying.

    I feel like my to do list has become impossible..

    - Get groceries… You have no fucking food in your cupboards!
    -Mend fences with Kim and Mark… Note to self she is squeamish around naked wives…
    -Get into Amanda’s pants some time in the next century… In a place where we might actually be able to finish…

    Sure, why don’t I add solving world hunger and taking a bath in nuclear waste so I can gain super powers while I’m at it?

    Yup, it’s been one of those weeks.

    Somebody touch me… (Screw holding… I want an orgasm for comfort!)


  • If at first you don’t succeed… Find another place to fuck!



    Ahhh… So you have all come back looking for part two of my little Amanda adventure have you??

    Well I decided not to write it today… Instead I bring you a of henna tattoos…

    Yeah, I didn’t believe me either…

    Amanda and I jumped in her car and headed for her apartment. I was nervous and excited and… Hell I was horny! Screw the movie, I could download it later anyway…

    What was a five minute drive on the way there suddenly felt like an eternity on the way back. We hit every stop light. Got stuck behind every Granny driver that lived in a three mile radius of her place. Finally we pulled into the driveway at her place.

    She looked at me a little concerned. My car wasn’t the only one in her driveway and her roommate wasn’t due to be home for another two days.

    We walked inside her place and knew we were in trouble. Her roommate was indeed home. And from the looks of things, in a foul mood. Her stuff was all over the living room floor and we could hear her slamming cupboards in the kitchen.

    I looked at Amanda, “Is she always like this?” I inquired.

    “No. This is a first… Usually she’s the one telling me to pick up my things.”

    Amanda went ahead. I couldn’t hear their conversation but a few minutes later Amanda came back and asked if I wanted to go to her room.

    “Everything alright?” I asked peering over her shoulder to the woman still rummaging around in the kitchen.

    “Yeah, she’s just caught a little bug.”

    And that’s when we heard it; her roommate suddenly gaged and went running for the bathroom. The toilet bowl clanged open. That was all it took before we were running for the door.

    “So, your place?” She asked.


    She had never been inside my place. Thankfully I wasn’t one to hang a lot of pictures (I’m lazy, sue me!) so I didn’t have to worry about her walking in and seeing a wedding photo starring her in the face. But Mark was home. His clothes and things might be spread about the house.

    “Umm… Sure,”


    I attempted to nonchalantly text Mark an urgent, Oh My God INCOMING message… But how does one nonchalantly panic?

    I do NOT have that talent.

    The entire drive to my place I was praying that Mark had gotten my text. What if he hadn’t? How the hell was I going to explain this to her? I couldn’t even begin to come up with an excuse that would save face and still let me get into her pants.

    And yet,… Home, here we come…

    My heart was pounding as we drove up to my place.

    I didn’t see anyone in the windows. I guessed that was a good start.

    And then I remembered, Offspring! He was home! Where would Mark go? He couldn’t leave, if Offspring was already in bed…

    Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!

    Please, please, please have gotten my message… Oh fuck Mark… Ready or not…

    I opened the door nervously…

    The interior of my home was quiet and dimly lit by the light of a lone lamp in the corner.

    Excellent, maybe she won’t see anything in the dark!

    Suddenly I heard someone moving up stairs. The toilet flushed and I heard footsteps on the stairs.

    Bang, bang, bang… Came the footsteps…

    And bang, bang, bang…went my heart…

    Mark took the corner suddenly and almost walked into us. He immediately froze. He looked horrified. He must have also been worrying about the state of our room because he looked back up the stairs in a panic.

    Fuck! That meant his things were all over our room! What the hell was I going to do??!

    “Umm,.. Hi. I’m Amanda.”

    Fuck! Why hadn’t I said anything? I was such a moron!!

    “Umm, hi,” Mark said.

    “This is Mark,” I said quickly, trying to act at least part way normal.

    “He was… Watching offspring tonight while we were out.”

    Yes!! He’s the babysitter! Yes! Fuck I’m a genius!!

    Mark’s eyes went wide. I could tell he was not impressed with the idea of leaving the house in the middle of the night on such short notice, but I figured if anything it was a little bit of karma.

    “Thank you so much for watching him tonight, I really appreciate it.”

    With one hurtle down I was starting to once again feel like this was going to happen tonight. All I had to do was get Mark to take the hint to leave.

    Man my life was complicated..

    “No problem,” he said finally playing along. “Do you need..anything..else, Bec?”

    Why the hell was he acting so strange??

    “No, I think we’re fine.”

    “Ok,… I just need to go to the bathroom before I go.”

    “Didn’t I just hear the toilet flush?”

    “Oh right,”

    “Thanks again, Mark. You were a life saver tonight. Have a good night!”

    And with that I steered Mark for the door. He’d forgive me once I told him the story of all the great sex I had tonight, right? Besides it’s not like he wasn’t going along with it. He just seemed worried about Amanda seeing something upstairs.

    Maybe if I could sneak upstairs first…

    The door clicked shut. “So, where were we?” Amanda turned to me with a smile.

    I felt butterflies stir in my stomach. I leaned in in the darkness and kissed her.

    “Let me just go straighten up,” I said. “I wasn’t expecting company.”

    “Oh I don’t care!” And she grabbed my hand and took to the stairs. “Which one is it?”

    “At the end…”

    I held my breath.

    We walked into my dimly lit bedroom. There was nothing immediately visible. Thank god!

    She stopped at the foot of my bed and turned toward me. I stepped into her, my hand sliding through her hair and gently pulling her head toward mine. “Think you can remember where we left off?”

    “I’m sure I’ll figure it out,” she whispered.

    Her lips met mine. It was such a soft touch. A whiff of vanilla, and the smooth, gentle lips of another massaging my own. Her hands raked over my skin, running through my hair. Her nails gently digging into my skin as she ran her fingers down my back.

    Her fingers stopped on the hem of my skirt, ran around my waist and began to fiddle with the button holding it up. I took the opportunity to run my hands up under her shirt and pulled her a little closer to me. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Again.

    The button unhooked, she squatted as she slid the skirt down my legs.

    Fuuuck,… She was kneeling in front of me…

    Still on her knees she slid her hands up the back of my legs. “We need to get rid of a few of these layers…” She hooked her fingers under the hem of my skirt and began to tug them down my legs.

    Deep breath as they went over my thighs, calves, to the ground… A twinge of excitement, a wetness that had grown between my legs all night, begging to be …

    “You should lay down,” and she coaxed me over toward the bed.

    I sat down before my legs gave way.

    She was still between my legs, squatting on the ground as she smiled up at me. Her hand slowly running up the inside of my leg. My heart was pounding in my ears now. I couldn’t slow it down. But oh how I wanted this.

    She raised herself off the ground slowly, then put one hand on the bed beside me for balance as she leaned in to kiss me. She pushed forward and we crawled up higher on my bed. When she stopped, her right knee was planted firmly between my legs, her arms to either side of me.

    “We need to get this off,” and she began tugging at my shirt. It landed on my floor. My bra followed immediately after.

    I ran my hands up under her shirt again, intending to take it off but she immediately stopped my hands.

    “Uh un,” she whispered. “Tonight is just about you,”

    Oh my god…

    She gently pushed her thigh between my legs, adding pressure to my already sensitive and engorged pussy.

    Oh my God!

    Her lips found mine again as her hands ran hungrily over my body. Awakening my naked flesh. I pushed my tongue between her parted lips, swirling it around her own, desperate for her to repeat what she had done on the beach. All the while, almost as if it was a subconscious thrust of the hips, she gently pulsed her knee into my waiting and eager pussy.

    Except she didn’t tease. She didn’t swirl her wet fingers around my nipple. Instead she began to kiss down the side of my neck. Despite myself I moaned at her touch.

    Although I couldn’t see her, I heard her pause a moment to smile. Then her kisses continued on down my chest. Her tongue leaving a trail down over my breast. She stopped short.


    She looked up at me and smiled again. Her right hand found my breast, she cupped it in her hand, and without breaking my gaze began to rub her thumb gently around my nipple.

    Double Tease!

    Finally I broke her gaze. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

    Mother fucking tease!

    And then her lips enveloped my hard nipples. She sucked them into her wet, waiting mouth and as she did she pulsed her knee hard into me. I moaned. This time I didn’t even try to keep it in.

    I didn’t think it was possible but I was growing wetter by the minute. She moved in time with my body, through the gasps and moans; the rise and fall of my already sweat soaked chest. It wasn’t long though before she decided to move on. Moans were fun, but screams were better.

    Her hand went first. Her fingers once again tracing over my surface of my pussy.

    “Mmmm….You are so wet,” she whispered.

    Her forefinger brushed my clit and I had to stop myself from jumping. I was still growing wetter, the excitement between my legs mounting. I was so engorged I was beginning to think at the slightest touch I would come, and come squirting.

    Her fingers began to trace tiny circles over my clit. The pressure inside me was building, I wanted her. Fuck… I wasn’t above begging her.

    My hips rose and fell ever so slightly with each touch.

    Suddenly her fingers left my clit. They probed the opening of my pussy. She slid them in just as suddenly. I heard myself gasp as she pushed the fingers deeper into me, pushing against me, rubbing against the already sensitive walls. As she did, she lowered her head. Her lips met my right hip. Her fingers and kisses started working in time together, as she made her way over my pelvis…

    Oh god, oh god, oh god… Yes!

    I needed to know what that tongue could do.

    She began to lick, teasingly down over the inside of my thigh, back up across and down the other thigh. Teasing. She watched as I squirmed desperate for more.

    I moaned loudly. I didn’t care about holding it in.

    Fuck that, she could hear how good it felt.

    I heard something skitter across the floor in my bathroom, and I stopped short. I sat up for a moment wondering what that was. Offspring was fast asleep, and the only entrance to my ensuite bathroom was through my bedroom door.

    For a moment I wondered if I was hearing things, or if it was Mark outside in the hall echoing in. That’s when I actually felt my heart stop and the blood seize up in my veins.

    What if Offspring had gotten out of bed? What if HE walked in on…

    I shot out of bed.

    “It’s fine, I just thought I heard….”

    I walked into the bathroom and froze.

    There was someone in the shadows of my bathroom.

    There was a woman in the shadows in my bathroom.

    There was a strange, fucking woman in my bathroom?

    Suddenly my mind clicked into gear, the missing pieces coming together to make one hell of a fucking, messed up puzzle. This was Kim.

    Mother fucker!

    Unbeknownst to me, when I had gone out with Amanda today, Mark had apparently made last minute plans with Kim. Then Amanda when Amanda and I had arrived home, unexpectedly, she had hid in the only place she could.

    My fucking bathroom.

    My fucking bathroom?!

    And now I was standing face to face with the woman my husband was doing, naked, with my girlfriend who didn’t know I was married sitting in the other room.

    This had to be a joke. A horrible, awful, stupid, fucking joke! Pinch me. Mother fucking pinch me. This is a sitcom plot not real life. This had to be a dream! I was fucking dreaming, right??!

    “Everything alright?” Amanda called.

    Fuck, guess not…

    “Uh, yeah… I just thought I heard something…” I said quickly retracing my steps out of the bathroom. The last thing I needed was for her to walk in and see this strange girl in my bathroom.

    Fuck! What would she think???

    “Ok, well… I think we were just getting to the good part,” she said once again leading me toward the bed.

    The GOOD part?!?! Oooooohhh fuuuck no! Not with my husband’s girlfriend sitting 6 feet away!! Heeelllll nooo… Hhheeellll…. Well, would it be so… No, Becca. No! Heeeelll no!

    I knew I had to get rid of her and fast, I just didn’t know how.

    I stopped short at the foot of the bed. My mind was racing. I couldn’t think of anything!

    “What?” She asked a little concerned. “Did you hear something again?”


    “Yes!” I said almost too triumphantly. “I did. I heard something. I think it might be Offspring…wait here.”

    Oh my god I was going down as the worst mother in the world!

    I tied a robe around me quickly and made for my child’s bedroom.

    He was fast asleep, but I had to act quickly if I was going to keep Amanda from going in the bathroom or from staying too long.

    I’m so sorry!!

    I picked up my sleeping child in my arms, waking him from his sleep. Upon being woken up he let out a loud cry of protest.

    Thank you, kid!

    I continued to pick him up and carried him into the other room where Amanda was waiting.

    “Somebody woke up,” I said not anywhere near as apologetically as I wanted to sound. “I…I think he isn’t feeling well. From the sounds of things this is going to be a long night. Can I ask for a rain check?”

    I blurted it all out not wanting to give her any time to try to convince me into letting her stay. I needed her to go. I needed her to go Now!

    I managed to usher her out the door even faster than I had Mark, having a half sleeping child in my arms helped. Once she was gone I placed Offspring back in his bed and thanked the powers that be that he was a good sleeper.

    As I laid his head back down on the pillow a thought occurred to me…

    Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who had their plans for sex cancelled!

    I walked back into my room, off to deal with the mistress….

  • The Amanda Story Continues…



    Amanda and I have been texting back and forth since our little beach break-up-turn-date. (heh) I was all heels in the ground, stubborn mule, I don’t wanna and I’ll jump up and down and hold my breath til I get my way … And then, there was some kissing and fondling… Oh and public nudity… How is that not a sexy date?

    At the end of the day, when all was said and done I found that I actually wanted to explore with her. I think. I don’t know. Maybe. Fuck…

    Ok… I do. At least I’m pretty sure I do. But because I was in a hurry to re-clothe ourselves, I now have the unenviable task of asking her for sex.

    How do you ask a girl for sex? Mother…

    Anyway, I figured I’m never going to get the opportunity to ask if I don’t actually go to see her. We made plans to head out to the movies and then afterwards to head back to her place for a little one-on-one time.

    One-on-one time or “One-on-one” time?

    I ended up meeting her at her place. Parking at the movie theatre was always atrocious so, I left my car in her driveway and we made the 5 minute drive over together.

    There were immediate butterflies in my stomach when I saw her.

    Great, I was turning into a high school student…

    She greeted me brightly and shifted her car into gear. I smiled and joked, but inside I was desperately trying to figure out how to let this girl know that I was interested, without coming out and saying… ‘So… Wanna fuck???!” Followed by a cheesy grin.

    I wasn’t that desperate yet.

    I hoped.

    That was when I got an idea. A sneaky, evil idea.

    I leaned over a little closer to her and began trailing my fingers up and down her arm. She smiled at me, then offered me her hand. Victory!

    I laced my fingers with hers and placed our hands on her lap, knowing full well that she would have to let go at the next stop sign to shift the car. At that point I would be innocently resting my hand on her lap. Innocently, yes!

    I was a genius. Or a dork. At least one of the two…

    Sure enough it was only a couple of minutes before she came to a stop and needed her hand. I let my hand rest on the top of her thigh, than slowly and softly began to rub up and down her leg. Each time my hand came back up, my fingertips brushed the hem of her skirt a little further up her thigh.

    She didn’t retake my hand when she was done shifting.

    I took this as a good sign and continued our innocent conversation while I ever so casually ran my hand up under her skirt. She wasn’t stopping me, so I ran my hand down her leg as far as I could reach, then slid my hand up along her inner thigh. And fuuuck if she didn’t feel amazing.

    I pushed my hand a little higher, ‘accidentally’ grazing her underwear with my fingers.

    Her underwear was wet. Holy fuck.

    “Just checking to make sure I’m wet?” She said with a wink.

    Holy fuck.

    I laughed and took my hand away. We were just pulling into the theatre parking lot as it was, so I used it as an excuse. But really, my heart was pounding and I didn’t know if it was a good thing of a bad thing.

    We picked a movie and I sat nervously waiting for it to start.

    What is it about this girl that every time I meet her I’m incredibly nervous?

    I think she could tell. She looked over at me concerned a few times. We picked a comedy, and yet I missed most of the jokes. I couldn’t concentrate. It felt impossible. I was nervous and sweaty and,… Well, horny. I couldn’t help but think about what was or was not going to happen back at her place after the movie. In my head we were coupled like we were back on the beach front. Her hands roaming over my body,… But this time as her hand roamed over my stomach… I didn’t stop her.

    “Are you… Not enjoying the movie?” She was leaning over the chair whispering to me in the dark of the theatre.

    “I think it’s great,” I whispered back a little unconvincingly.

    She raised one of her eyebrows in response.

    “Ok, ok… I’m sorry, I’m just a little preoccupied. Work stuff, you know?”

    “Ahh… So I have to fight for your attention do I?”

    “Shhh!!!” It was an insistent sound coming from over our shoulders.

    We rolled our eyes at each other, but went back to watching the movie.

    It wasn’t long though before her hand came creeping down and found mine. We locked fingers and squeezed each others hands. Just a quick affirmation. A kind of wordless intimacy. I smiled at her then turned back to the movie.

    Apparently that was not all she had planned. She let go of my hand, but her right hand still rested on my left thigh. I looked down as she began “walking” her fingers down my thigh to the hem of the skirt I was wearing.

    An exhale. A squirm in my seat.

    I looked over at her. She had that mischievous look in her eye that told me I was in trouble. She smiled a little and bent forward. “Watch the movie…” She admonished.

    I obediently turned back to the movie, but I could feel my face going a little red.

    Fuck me this girl was going to be the end of me…

    She plucked the hem of my skirt up between two fingers and began to push it slowly up my thigh. I squirmed again.

    I could hear her stifled laugh. “You are horrible at acting normal,” she said her lips right in my ear. She ran her hand over my thigh, inwards, working her way up the inside of my thigh.

    “Tell me you didn’t wear any underwear,” she whispered.

    And that was it. I was done. I grabbed her hand.

    She looked disappointed, almost hurt, but I don’t think she understood what I was going for. Before she could say anything I was standing and pulling her to her feet.

    “What…?” She began.

    “That way, march!” I said ushering her toward the aisle.

    She looked a little confused but followed my direction. I pulled her quickly up the aisle and out of the theatre.

    “Becca, what is going on!? Did I really upset you tha…”

    And I kissed her. At first she just stood there a little frozen, still not comprehending my intent, but as my hands began to run over her, through her hair… She got the idea.

    She smiled when we finally broke apart.

    “Come on, let’s get to my place before I do you right here.”

    And with that she began pulling me toward her car…

    …. But my dears it is 2:00 am, so you’ll have to come back for the conclusion tomorrow…

  • Hey Baby, Watch This…

    The Voyeur in all of us

    People say opposites attract: I usually scoff at that; call it ridiculous, bullshit,… however, after reading Rebecca’s  “dirty little secrets” post, I realize that in some ways it really does work.

    Rebecca is a Exhibitionist; she loves being watched. She loves the attention. She loves being naked, and especially being seen naked. And why wouldn’t she? She looks fantastic without her clothes on! (if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?)

    That’s where I come in, I am not an exhibitionist… at all, I dont really like being watched. I feel awkward naked unless im having sex, a shower, or something that requires me to be naked, and the idea of someone watching me masturbate seems very weird to me.

    I consider myself much more of a Voyeur; I love to watch. I hate sex with the lights off because I want to see everything that is happening and I LOVE watching Rebecca. I love watching her play with herself, I love watching her undress, and I especially love watching her cum. I hate it when she buries her face in my shoulder when she is about to cum because I Love the expression on her face.

    I love to watch. I guess that’s why I loved our experience with Mike so much. I get to watch as she gives me blowjobs all the time. I have a front row seat to the action. But this was different. The angle, her expression, the dirtiness of it all… I got to watch in a way I never have before. I loved watching the way she reacted to his touch, and I especially loved watching him make her cum. It was surreal. Better then porn! I got to sit back and watch a live show, and my own wife was the star, just wow!! And I found I enjoyed it much more then I could have imagined. And I want to do it again!

    I love turning Rebecca on, seeing the desire in her eyes, and it works well that she loves to perform and I love to watch, and I love that she loves it! I love taking her out somewhere and taking dirty pictures because I know how much it turns her on. And that makes it even more exciting for me. (Even if I do get a bit squeamish if we’re in a rather public place, her confidence and excitement keeps me going! Oh come on, I don’t need a police record!)

    I guess in some ways, I’m a completely typical male: I’m all about the visual stimuli. I love seeing Rebecca wearing something sexy when we go out. I love short skirts that show off her sexy legs and amazing hips. I love tops that show off her sexy chest and shoulders, however my favorite is midriff tops, I just LOVE her toned stomach and belly button. I’m a total sucker for a shirt with midriff! Another thing a lot of people seem to miss, less is not always better. While I do love being able to see some sexy flesh here and there, to me less clothing does not equal sexy. For example, Rebecca has a short jean skirt that she wears with a green fitted sweater, matched with high boots that stop just a few inches below the skirt… sexy. Or her low cut jeans with a sexy belt and a long sleeve shirt, sporting a good amount of midriff. This is sexy.

    The next big thing for me is confidence. While shy can be “cute” in some cases, there’s nothing sexier to me then a confident woman. Not only in the way you dress, but the way you act; know what you want, and don’t play games (unless they’re fun games!) But please, don’t mistake confidence with arrogance!!

    I am also finding a lot of what turns me on and what doesn’t has evolved over the years. A good example is this situation with Amanda. It really turns me on. The thought of my wife running her hands over another woman….  but if I look back 10 years, I had a girlfriend for a time that told me she was Bi and wanted me to have a threesome with her and her very attractive lesbian friend. (Apparently she only has sex with guys if it’s in a threesome with another girl, but she considered herself lesbian and not bi?) Anyways, the idea totally turned me off, at the time. Girl on girl was not sexy to me, At. All. But when I think about Rebecca in said context, I go wild. This woman turns me on to such a degree. I am finding I am turned on by things that I never thought would turn me on, as long as she is part of the equation.

    This woman has corrupted me…


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